Flux-core weld wire

Hardfacing service

This specialist service combines VAUTID’s superior hard-facing welding consumables, skilled craftsmanship, and the latest welding technology. It is available right around the world.

We offer VAUTID products since for many years our experience grew-up with this company and we are confidence to use a product which is recognized around the world as the industry standard for wear protection. This well-proven specification forms the basis of the entire VAUTID product family. The concept behind this overlay material is as follows: the right proportion of extremely wear-resistant hard particles embedded within a stable matrix.


Recommended applications:

  • Components which are exposed to temperatures up to 350°C.
  • Components which carry a steady flow of abrasive media e.g. material slides, dust ducts, separators, liners in mixing plants, and side wall surfaces and grinding tables in vertical mills.
  • Components that operate in homogeneous, abrasive media e.g. excavator buckets, mixer buckets, feeder screws, wear liners, and separator bars in vertical mills.

For further information you can download the product data sheet.


Roller tired or segmented

Entire parts into the Vertical Roller Mill

Flat Grinding liner

Concave Grinding liner

For specific applications or any question, please don`t hesitate to contact us.