Our service offer professional solutions for a wide range of applications. This is where the products we offer combined with our welding technology and our experience provide individual and customized solutions.

Thanks the support of a leader company in the solutions against wear, HaradCarb Technologies Pvt, we can offer solutions in industries like cement, sugar, steel making, ready mix, mining and so forth; offering products and services for each stage of prodcution, from raw material up to final product.

By taking this approach, we maximizes the service life of components and assemblies which are exposed to wear, and ensures that plants operate effectively. Our service encompasses the design, implementation and inspection of repaired parts.


Extended service lifetimes on high-wear surfaces become a reality with overlay composite wear plates, which are an efficient, use-anywhere solution.

We can offer these plates in diferents grades and chemical compositon such as tungsten, chromiun, cobalt, based.

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Produced by an efficient and economical process, hardening plates are an cost-efective solution on medium-wear/impact enviroment, self-supporting fabrications and plant components.

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Hardfacing welding consumables can be used in a great variety of applications. They offer a solution to different problems protecting high-wear components in plant and machinery.

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Cast and sintered parts

We can offer especially desing custom made parts.

For highly abrasive or impact loads we can manufacture required parts such as hammers, solid WC scrapers, WC beaters, Ground engaging tools.

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