Ingetech is located in Costa Rica and Ecuador Our experience has been growing in the past years, since we started to develop and improve different technologies for many companies, now we can and we`re expecting to integrate all our knowledge in different applications, in order to support different customer requirements.

Ingetech wear solutions, we process carbide (WC, CC, TiC) overlay wear plates, cast and sintered parts for sugar, mining, cement, ready mix, etc. Services including: drawing, design, CNC cutting, welding, assemblies and so on.

Ingetech environment solutions, we develop and produce Continuous Emission Monitoring systems (CEMS) and provide solutions for stationary gas analyzers for industrial air quality control including calibration and maintenance service, Related sensors are: CO, CO2, O2, HC, NOx, particles, and much more.

Ingetech engineering solutions, We also support the develop of machinery design, control process automation, motion control systems and instrumetation based on Labview, PLC or CNC control. Variables we can handle are: pressure, temperature, fluid flow, level, torque, acceleration, strength of materials and many others.

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