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dust and particles

Dust and Particles

Particulate monitoring requires the measurement of the mass concentration of particulate matter in stack emissions to atmosphere.

Dust and Particles Sensor type options


Particle range

Size categorization

Sampling interval

Total flow rate

Sample flow rate

particle count rate

OPC-N3 (high pollution)

r= 0.35 to 40 µm


1 to 30 Seconds

5.5 L/min

280 mL/min

10,000 Particles/second


r= 0.35 to 12.4 µm


1 to 30 Seconds

0.24 L/min

280 mL/min

10,000 Particles/second

Using laser scattering technology, the OPC (Optical Particle Counter) has a clean flow path with 1.6L/minute flow rate, collimated optics and flow rate correction. The removable flow exit adaptor allows easy system integration; the PC analysis software make for simple data collection and analysis. You can record PM1, PM2.5 and PM10 every second, along with size histograms, critical when you need to know more than just the PM.

Note: Due Sensors are factory calibrated and cetification is 24 months valid once the calibration process is performed, we don't have a stock, we can sell you any sensor only as required.