AUTOMATION and control

Ingetech designs and manufactures automation and control solutions including temperature controllers, sensors, humidity, pressure, force, acceleration, motion, level and so on. Our experience and understanding assures that your application will have precise control and fast response to changes in the process environment. This brochure highlights Ingetech’s capability to deliver solutions that best meet a customer’s temperature control requirements.

We offer control process automation, motion control systems and instrumetation based on Labview, PLC or CNC control. Variables we can handle are: level, fluid flow, torque, force, acceleration, strength of materials, temperature, pressure, movement, non destructive test for material inspection and so on.


Automated process

Temp, humidity, presure and particle room control

Thermal control

Plant Control Process


Life Sciences

Heat Treatment

Power generation

Room control/monitoring temperature

Sterilizers / autoclaves


Cleanroom control

Mechanical tests materials

Industrial process

Cement industries