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Understanding CO2

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is a triatomic molecule which at atmospheric presure sublimes directly from solid to gas at -78ºC.

CO2 is an inert gas, therefore it is neither explosive nor flammable and doesn't support combustion, that's why is widely used as a fire suppression agent. At the same way it is an asphyxiant gas in confined spaces due its density is greater than air (1.98kg/m3 at 0ºC).

This gas makes essential part of the natural carbon cycle which controls the level of CO2 in the Earth's atmosphere and hence the surface temperature of the planet. Prior to the start of the industrial revolution, atmospheric CO2 concentration were 270ppm by volume.

CO2 Sensor type options

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Main characteristics

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Process Control


5,000 pmm

0 to 5 % vol

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Sensor Options


Our monitors are tested and calibrated under laboratory conditions, but as with all high precision electronic devises, all sensors must be maintained, calibrated, and serviced to ensure accurate readings. Please feel free to ask us about the calibration and maintenance service.

Choose between the IRC-IAQ or other detector, all of them cover the entire concentration range of measurement, simply implement the appropriate sensor for your required range application. These CO2 sensors are designed for IAQ, safety, combustion and high CO2 process control applications.

Aditional Information

How Non-Dispersive Infrared (NDIR) sensor works

A NDIR gas sensor specifically measures the abundance, or concentration, of gases in a sample chamber. The amount of infrared light absorbed is proportional to the abundance or concentration of CO2in the enclosure. As CO2 concentration increases, more infrared light is absorbed and less light is detected. CO2 is known to have high absorbance in the infrared region of the electromagnetic spectrum at wavelengths of 2.7, 4.3 and 15 μm.

New developments

In confined workspace where many people has to be in, we can offer a cost/effective application which consist in one CO2 monitor station and differents Android phones connected by bluetooth allowing the user to check the CO2 concentration and an alarm can alert if the gas is over limit.

Note: Due Sensors are factory calibrated and cetification is 24 months valid once the calibration process is performed, we don't have a stock, we can sell you any sensor only as required.