DESIGN and control

We also offer customized solutions, that include machinery design and construction, piping drafting, pneumatic and hydraulic process; focused mainly in industrial applications.

We`re Autodesk Certified, this allow us to make a 3D design model as real as possible with the construction model, optimizing time, material and cost.


Design and Construction

As part of our know-how, we are Autodesk certified, which allows to develop, improve and optimize mechanical designs by CAD modeling and CAE analysis (multi-physics); getting a virtual understanding of model, as close as possible to the real scenery thanks to the model simulation. Our Machinery design can be itegrated with control process automation, motion control systems and instrumentation based on Labview, PLC or CNC control.

We can also offer 3D plastic printer product design applied for prototyping or final product and soon we will be offering 3D metal printer product desig for special application in medical devices industries.

Dynamic simulation

Structural optimization

CNC welding process

Thermal and fluid flow Simulation


Life Sciences

Heat Treatment

Power generation

Room control/monitoring temperature

Sterilizers / autoclaves


Cleanroom control

Mechanical tests materials

Industrial process

Cement industries