Gas Analyzer

Continuous Emission Monitoring System

We manufacture fixed industrial gas detectors, temperature and particle monitors suitable for gas analysis or environmental monitoring.

Our product range includes electrochemical sensors which detect Oxygen and toxic gases, infrared sensors for CO2, hydrocarbons, PID for the detection of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), fully certified pellistors for combustible gas detection, different types of thermocouples for temperature monitoring and Optical Particle Counters.

Why our technology

Staying at the forefront of sensor technology guarantees the best solutions for our customers.

  • Customer service second to none
  • High quality, high performance sensors
  • Impartial and informed technical advice
  • Responsive action
  • Pro-active support
  • Quality reliable


All sensor are tested and calibrated from the manufacturer which is ISO 9001:2015 accredited

Sensor Options

O2 Monitoring

H2S Monitoring

SO2 Monitoring

VOC`s monitoring


  • Up to 48 multivariable channels
  • Real time software
  • Sms/email alarm option
  • Remote inspection (on-line)
  • Ethernet communication
  • Historical data register
  • Control Process/Monitoring
  • Up to two years continous Historical data record
  • Control loop

Our monitors are tested and calibrated under laboratory conditions, but as with all high precision electronic devices, all sensors must be maintained, calibrated, and serviced to ensure accurate readings. Please feel free to ask us about the calibration and maintenance service.

Note: Due Sensors are factory calibrated and its cetification is 24 months valid once the calibration process is performed, we don't have a stock, we can sell you any sensor, only as required.